The opportunity for a graphic designer to express creativity in a unique prosperous way has been discovered! Hand painted window ads is an untapped avenue of expression and requires no artist talent to implement. It has been proven that graphic designers can be highly successful at this business by either creating these ads on their own or hiring others to implement the display layouts that the designer has created.

As any graphic designer knows, the ability to display information in a balanced enticing way is extremely important to achieving the results that marketers are searching for. The way an idea is presented has far reaching abilities, and implementing this talent into an untapped industry has success written all over it.

Window painting is a specific form of sign advertising done on a client’s windows. Its potential to draw desperately needed attention to retail outlets is incomparable to any other form of marketing. Most retailers spend the majority of their marketing dollars on advertising avenues such as radio, TV, and print adds. Although their importance in generating traffic is undeniable, there is a financial sacrifice to be made and it is high. As an example a half page black and white ad in a local newspaper may run around $1000. If you were to add color, plan on adding an additional $500. The distribution is one time. How many of those people will actually take the time to read the ad, remember the ad, and act on the ad?

For a mere fraction of the price, window advertisements work 24 hours a day, every day for the duration of the ad. It provides direct attention not only to the storefront, but also up front, no nonsense information about in store promotions. All information is readily available to the potential customers right in front of their store.

Due to the demand of the well-informed consumer, the retailer has to offer far more than good deals. They must offer an experience, a felt experience. Graphic designers have the ability to create this needed felt visual experience through creative, enticing window design layouts.

An unrealized opportunity has been discovered that will enable graphic designers to express their talents through an amazingly lucrative business.

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