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Renting an apartment in Calgary

Choosing an apartment rental in Calgary will find you a place in the largest city of Alberta. Calgary is situated in the south province with a variety of beautiful landscape and foothills. Apartment rental Calgary will be the best place for you to stay. Calgary is flourishing with several rental apartments.

When you are moving into a new apartment at the first time you expect to feel several mixed emotions. You will feel freedom that you have never felt from their before as the apartments to rent in Calgary makes you feel that you are still at home yet far away from home. Here are some tips that will assist you to secure the best apartment rental in Calgary

  1. Decide on your budget

The initial thing that you should worry on is your budget. It will narrow down the list of prospects by like half. What amount of money are you willing top pay per month for the apartment? You should ensure that the rent you pay for the apartment isn’t more then 25 percent of your total monthly income. If it is beyond 25% it will pull you down financially.


  1. Ask a stable relative or friend to cosign for you

Other apartments owners won’t need a cosigner, however you should have one in advance. You should ask a relative or friend that you are moving to a new apartment and might require a cosigner just in case if the owner may need that. It will help you to sign the lease with a lot of easy as well as help you to understand some of the terms and conditions you may not understand.


  1. Make a list of questions to inquire from the apartment owner

You should have a list of questions you wish to inquire from the apartment owner. For instance if you own a pet, it is good to ask the apartment owner if the pet will be permitted in the apartment. You shouldn’t waste your time inspecting an apartment that you wouldn’t be able to rent. You should ask on utilizes as well as extra miscellaneous fees. You should also the conditions of the building. You should also ask the apartment owner about costs such as garbage collection, cable, heat, lights and water.


  1. Your interests

Are you interested in leisure or business a broad choice of apartments are available for renting in Calgary. You can use online rental sites to help you find the perfect apartment in the best location of Calgary. These apartments are of different sizes as well as provide a range of facilities. You are free to select from private leisure facilities or even choose a rental apartment that provides common leisure facilities. You will get all clear details with clear rates, terms as well as conditions.

  1. The price

The cost of the apartment will depend on the facilities you require. Most rental apartments in Calgary have storage, laundry, air-conditioning, views, balconies as well as site parking. The prices of each rental apartmenthow tiri will depend on the facilities that the apartment offers.


  1. The type of Apartment you need

Before you start searching for a rental apartment you should consider the type of rental apartment you require. You should consider the dimension of each room as well the number of rooms in that apartment. Make sure that the bathroom as well the kitchen is big enough to meet all your needs. You should bear in mind that fully furnished apartments in Calgary are more expensive than other unfurnished apartments in Calgary. The apartment size will depend on the money you are willing to pay per month, the bigger the apartment the more expensive it will be.






Gleichen Fall Fair and Parade

The Gleichen Fall Fair and Parade was held on Sat. Aug. 22nd and came off as a roaring success.

The Parade was fantastic with the Mounties in their Red Serge leading. Then came the Piper and the Drummer. From there the entries were strung out for quite a way, with dignitaries in the convertibles, a number of floats from the surrounding area, horse and riders, kids with their wheels and the entries for the bed tournament, there was a few older vehicles from the show & shine and finally quite a number of Fire Dept equipment from the surrounding communities.

The Show & Shine had a full field of entries. Maybe even more than they thought they would get. Sure was a lot of gleaming paint and chrome. The entries varied from quite old, fully restored, to somewhat newer but completely restored in cars, trucks and farm tractors.

The Fair itself had good crowds and were quite busy throughout the day.

All in all it was a very successful event and people are already asking what we are going to do for next year. BIGGER AND BETTER!

Count-Down to the Fair

With just over two weeks left until the fair everyone should be busy getting their photos organized, their baking in the deep-freeze and all their other projects finished up. The hail probably didn’t do the gardens any good but we can still hope for good items in that department.

Final Curling of the season

The Gleichen and District Curling club wrapped up their season with the men’s Oyster bonspiel. 18 rinks participated in the event with the Shane Fladhammer rink from Bassano winning first in the first. Over $3500 in prize money was given out to the event winners. The $1000.00 draw was won by the Hansen Rink from Strathmore. Thank-you to our event sponsors and to all the curlers who did such great curling on our Birer like ice (14 seconds Hog to Hog). See you all again next year.